Services Offered

Fill out the form above to submit a request for a facility visit. Here's an outline of what we offer:

Basic Natatorium Audit*: In-person facility visit and evaluation of the building, HVAC system, pool system and drawings. We collect photos, measurements and other relevant information to propose options for solving the issues. Includes a written report of findings and recommendations.

Full Natatorium Study*: Includes the Basic Natatorium Audit + Drafting proposed solution(s) with the assistance of involved manufacturers. Includes an optional Orenda Enzyme purge of pool and filters.

Multiple Natatoriums: For multiple natatoriums in the same area, we pass along our travel savings to you. This is great for counties, YMCA Associations, swim clubs and other organizations with multiple pools.

*Can be credited as a deposit toward the purchase of equipment like the Paddock Evacuator®.