Who we are

We are independent consultants that specialize in indoor swimming pool air quality and water quality. Our team has subject-matter experts in natatorium use, operations (both water and air), maintenance, construction, and design.

We know what to look for in existing natatoriums that have air quality issues. Then we help mechanical engineers, facility owners and installing contractors make the proper corrections. We also know what to strive for (and avoid) when designing new natatoriums. We offer design assistance to help mechanical engineers and architects with the fundamentals of natatorium design, and we coordinate with aquatic design consultants too. We help ensure the HVAC system matches the pool, and that the chloramine pollution can be controlled in a permanent, efficient way.

Who we're not

We are not mechanical engineers that are stamping drawings or specifying equipment. We do not compete with mechanical engineers or architects on projects; we only assist them. We hope to be a part of a design team, and play one small role: coordinate between parties to ensure the air quality will be good. Communication is paramount, yet often overlooked–especially between air and water experts. We bridge that gap.

Chloramine Consulting does not pretend to know everything, either. We just focus on the natatorium itself, the pump room and chemical storage rooms. When we can guide the architect, engineer(s) and other designers to avoid issues and work together, the chances of long-term success are great.

Why we exist

Breathing problems plague indoor pools. We have personally experienced just how miserable indoor pools can be. Chloramine problems are not rare, either. We have been to swim meets where an Ambulance is idling in the parking lot, just waiting for a swimmer who might need it. It is unacceptable. 

Too many swimmers have been getting sick, and continue to get sick. And too many facilities are pressured not only to deal with the health concerns, but financially forced to deal with the corrosive damage of airborne chloramines. The chloramine problem puts natatoriums out of business. 

We exist to eradicate airborne chloramine problems, permanently. We will not be satisfied until the new standard of care is adequate enough to stop these problems for good. If you have an indoor swimming pool with air quality challenges, you are not alone. Perhaps we can help.

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