Services Offered

Fill out the form above to request design assistance. Here's an outline of what we offer:

Plan Review: We will review drawings from the mechanical engineer, architect and pool consultant and communicate any potential problems, missing items or flaws with the designer(s).

⚠︎Design Assistance: Includes the Basic Plan Review + Sketching our ideas on paper and sharing with the design team. We also introduce our Natatorium Checklist, which is reviewed with everyone on the design team to make sure important items do not get forgotten, and everyone is clear on their scope of work.

⚠︎Advanced Design Assistance: Includes everything above + Drafting our recommended duct and HVAC layout in CAD format. We submit drawings to the design team to be integrated into their drawings, and modified as needed. Think of this like giving the engineer a 'running start' when designing the natatorium. It does not include all the load calculations and equipment specifications, but it gives a solid foundation for the natatorium duct layout and more.

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