Basic Plan Review

  • We review drawings from the Engineer, and communicate any potential problems or flaws regarding the natatorium, pump and chemical room(s).
  • We communicate directly with the Engineer and others on the design team, as appropriate, to ensure a quality design.

Plan Review and Sketch

  • Includes the Basic Plan Review, plus...
  • Assist design team with minimum objectives for natatorium air quality, and best practices
  • Introduce our Natatorium Checklist to avoid overlooking common problems
  • We sketch our basic idea of a Natatorium mechanical system and duct layout, and submit to the Engineer to build upon

Full Design Assistance

  • Includes Plan Review and Sketch, plus...
  • We draft our recommended design; duct layout, exhaust fan locations, airflow parameters, etc.
  • We submit our drafts in CAD format to the Engineer(s) and design team as appropriate
  • Engineer integrates our draft as desired into their official design
  • Assistance with written specifications