Basic Natatorium Audit

  • In-person facility visit
  • Evaluate air handling system, duct layout and facility drawings
  • Collect photos and other relevant information
  • Written report of findings and recommendations

Full Natatorium Study

  • Includes everything from the basic facility audit, plus...
  • Draft of design modifications (if applicable) submitted to a mechanical engineer of your choice
  • Local engineer visit (recommended)
  • Local pool service company visit to check up on pump room and equipment (recommended)
  • Orenda® Enzyme purge of filters and pool
  • *This is credited as a deposit toward a Paddock Evacuator® System

Multiple Natatoriums

  • For additional facilities beyond the primary natatorium, we pass on our travel and time savings to you
  • Price depends on scope of the audit(s), and number of facilities evaluated
  • Cost effective way to get multiple facilities evaluated in one trip
  • Great for public facilities (counties, high school districts, etc.) and multiple-branch YMCA Associations

*Paddock Evacuator® is patented technology. Used with permission.

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